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This combination Ouzeri-taverna on the corner of Voulis and Nikodimou is not exactly quiet, in fact its a lot like sitting in the middle of a traffic jam.

But the food is great and the people who own it, Dimitris and his wife Eugenia are entertaining and fantastic cooks!

This is the restaurant of choice for many locals in the Plaka as well as tourists.

From the outside there is nothing to distinguish it from the other tourist-type places except for the great location in the small park on Kydatheneon street, but the food is better and influenced by the Greek clientele who eat there year-round.

Tourists should keep in mind the following: Many restaurants in Athens do the cooking in the morning of the dishes they call mayerefta which are the dishes made in the oven and those you may be most familiar with like mousaka, pastitsio, stuffed tomatoes, roast lamb and potatoes etc. In the evening people order 'tis ores' which are things made right then and there like grilled meats and fish.If you have any faves you want to add, take a picture and send me a review.Remember that if you order fish it is often sold by the kilo so before you choose make sure you know the price since it can vary greatly from one fish to another.Or follow my rule and only eat there when Dimitris and Eugenia are working.If Paradosiako is full you can just walk down Voulis street and turn right on Apollonos and go to #4 right by the intersection with Nikis street near Syntagma Square, where the son and daughter of Demitris and Eugenia have their restaurant, called Oinomagerio Paradosiako also very good.

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